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Cooling Patch for fever
Product Details

1.   Productname

Cooling Patch for fever

2.   Specifications

4 specifications in total,TRT-A、TRT-B、TRT-C、TRT-D.

3.   Composition

It consists of a cooling substance and a fixture.The cooling substance is composed of a gel layer (a hydrophilic polymerhydrogel is used as a carrier and mixed with natural menthol), and the coolingsubstance does not contain a component that exerts pharmacological,immunological or metabolic effects.

4.   Scope ofapplication

Used for physical fever of the human body.Used only for human closed tissue.

5.   Instructions

Forexternal use, tear the package along the dotted line, remove the patch, anduncover the protective film to apply the adhesive surface to the skin.


Do not apply to the wound skin.

7.   Cautions

1 Thisproduct is a physical antipyretic, please go to the hospital after the fever.

2)This product can reduce swelling and pain in the shortterm when it is cold. When the condition worsens, please go to the hospital.

3Patientswho are taking medication should follow the doctor's advice.

4This product is only for adjuvant therapy.

5 Childrenshould use this product under the supervision of adults.

8Storage and transportation conditions

Store in a dry and ventilated place with atemperature of no more than 45 °C


Under the conditions of the storage rules,the product is valid for 24 months from the date of production.

Productiondate / expiration date on label.

10Explanationof graphics and symbols

Graphics and symbols




external use

11Dateof preparation of the manual

October 2017

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