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Silicone Scar Gel
Product Details

1.   Product name

Silicone scar gel

2.   Specifications

11 specifications in total,5g10g15g20g30g50g60g120g150g250g500g.

3.   Appearanceperformance

Silicone scar gel is a transparentsubstance with a uniform texture with no or only a small amount of air bubbles.No insoluble foreign matter.

4.   Scope ofapplication

Silicone scar gel is used to help improvethe pathological scar of the skin, to prevent the formation of pathologicalscars on the skin, and not to be used in unhealed wounds.

5.   Component

The silicone scar gel is a mixture ofsilicone, stearic acid, glycerin and purified water, and the silicone contentis not less than 4% of the product's indicated capacity. Packed in plastic hose.

6.   Instructions

1 Aftertreating the wound scar, apply silicone scar gel to the scar treatment site.

2 Once a day, and keep 8 hours afterfilm formation.This product is recommended to use for more than three months.


1It is banned when the scar has nothealed and   when there is secretion orinflammatory infection;

2Prohibitedto those who are allergic to this product.

8.   Cautions

1 After the ointment is used,the cock shouldbe tightened.If the cock is opened and it is not used for more than threemonths, observe the color change of the ointment before using it again.If thereis any change,stop using.

2Applydirectly to the scar surface.

9Storage and transportation conditions

Keep away from direct sunlight, keep itsealed, and store in a cool, well-ventilated room.


Under the conditions of the storage rules,the product is valid for 24 months from the date of production.

Productiondate / expiration date on label.

11Explanationof graphics and symbols

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external use

12Dateof preparation of the manual

December 2017

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